YEAH for Project Runway.  Every season I fantasize about being one of the lucky designers.  Well I discovered a challenge that will let me do just that.  It's called Project Project Runway.  Think of it as a mini version.  We are using dolls for our models.  I've chosen Zoey as my Model, so she will have a fabo wardrobe after this!
We just got our first challenge today.
These are the fabrics I've chosen for the first challenge.  On the real PR, they had to use what they slept in and one of the bed sheets. 

I chose the green dotty fabric since I used it for doll PJ's in a swap.   chose the white on white because I liked the weight of it...and I don't really have much white anything in the house.  BUt the pattern looks like it could be a doll's bed sheet to me.

7/29/2011 11:27:03 pm

Great choices! Can't wait to see what you come up with.

So fun being a part of this challenge.

Good luck!


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