We just got our challenge assignment for Project Project Runway and all I have to say is, "AAARRRRrrrrgggGGHHH!!".  We are following the real PR assignment, which is to design a day to evening look for Nina Garcia.  It couldn't be any harder for me.  SHe likes black, reds, and neutrals...all my least favo colors to work with.  The only saving grace for me is she has a "warrior Princess" vibe going.  She likes studs, and bold breast plate like jewelry and adornments.  AND on top of it, Khystrill informed me right after our photo shoot, that she had some family responsibilities she needed to see to and was flying down south in 2 hours.  So yet again I'll be havening to get used to another model from the Dali School of Modeling.....*sigh*
8/19/2011 12:49:20 pm

When I first learned of this week's challenge, the only thing I could think was, "I really wanna put a gigantic bow on Nina's bum." hehehehe. She's so difficult and not my style at all. We'll see how we all fair though. Good luck!


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