As you may remember, I was not to excited about this challenge.  So I was havening trouble at "Mood" deciding on fabric, so I picked out some trims...and then forgot to get fabric.  The hardest challenge for me so far and I forget FABRIC??

Fortunately the Dali School of Modeling really came through for me this time and they got the actual Nina Garcia to be my model!!  It was exciting..and stressful, as all she would say to me was, "NO" and "Plan b?".  But I had to stick to my (Tim) Gun(s), and follow my vision.  Since Mr. Gun said she looked like a..how did he put it..Space Hooker, I was sure I was going home....which I did.  Well, to my parents home at least.  My Mom has been a bit sick, so I decided last Tuesday to drive down the next day.  And that is the real story of how I ended up with only trim for this project.  And my Mom is feeling a lot better now.

6/29/2023 08:34:03 am

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