My friend JoseFINE (often referred to as BirdBones) commented on the mountains in my Toad in the Sky post.  So, when we finally had an undreary morning this morning, I took a pic of the mountains.  This morning we even had a cloud dragon...
I love to do the challenges over at  This one is called the Ugly to Awesome Challenge.  The stuff I decided to work with, were not so much ugly, as boring.  For me the ugly was the huge pile of tape that I had forced into a basket.
It's called Fork You Tape Monster.  It's made from a spoon holder turned on it's side and a bunch of forks.  It's working quite nicely.  All the forks are staying in, which is nice!  You can see how I made it here.  And Look here to see all the entries. 
So it turns out, I'm not so good at posting regularly...partly Because I keep waiting for really interesting things to happen I guess.  So, today, I am posting a slightly interesting thing...just to get me moving again...
So our house is in a valley, surrounded by mountains.  So we get all kinds of interesting cloud formations.  I captured this one a few weeks ago.
Kind of interesting...but it gets better when you flip it
Suddenly it becomes a giant toad, just under the water, looking up at me..or down at me, I'm not sure.  The photo is untouched, just flipped
Our PPR challenge this week was to design a dress for the Emmys for one of the past designers.  We also had to pick the pallet from the colors of a line of Lexis cars.  Which was a terribly dull set of colors as far as I am concerned.  So I picked the designer I wanted to work with (Anya) and chose the color she was assigned during the show (Brown). (I picked Kooan as my design partner, even though that is not part of the assignment.  I liked the way he handled not knowing what was going on).
Kooan and I found this nice chocolate heavy satin that we decided for the base.  The waist corset is made from a burn out velvet in deep brown.  The train is a softer brown silk, shot through with gold.  The train can be worn down or held up with a finger loop
Anya said she wanted a dramatic back.  I hope this was enough drama for her.
The front yellow flower is part of the purple plant.  It is growing out of the ground just infront of the Bold Purples, but I only planted one plant.  The yellow fl

I've been a bit slow at posting last weeks Project Project Runway, but I'm here now.  Our assignment was the unconventional challenge this week, and we got to go to the candy store.  I've always wanted to make a Kinderegg outfit, so easy choice for me.

The Dali School of Modeling sent a new model for this challenge.  The lovely CoCo.  She even make foil pants look fun.  The bustier is the chocolate from the candy, squished between two layers of vinyl.  I did think up a way to make a skirt from the foil that could actually be worn.  If a person used iron on glue to stick the foil to a base fabric, you could make it work, if it wasn't in a stretchy spot.
First, I would like to thank the Dali School of Modeling for convincing Iris to come back and model my inspiration piece again.  She has recently started to teach a modeling class and has been very busy.  When I mentioned we needed a second model, she said she had the perfect model.  So my companion piece is being modeled by her pupil.

Our Project Project Runway assignment for this week was to make a companion piece for an existing outfit we had designed.  I chose one of my dresses from my first PPR collection.  My companion piece did not come out like I was thinking it would, but since the assignment was to make the dress in one day, I simply ran out of time to make a new one or change this one.  I could be going home this week........
Project Runway's 10th season just started July 19th.  And I just joined the Flickr group Project Project Runway.  We follow the challenges,  as best we can, using dolls for models.  I will be using the Dali School of Modeling for my muses.  Our first assignment is to make a companion outfit for an outfit we have made before.  I will be using my first dress from the time I played before.  And Iris has agreed to model the original for me again.  Look for the new outfits each Thursday

Just a pic of our new to us rodo and the golden spruce we have in our yard
We got a new furnace and they had to put in a new controller in a new place, so the old place is now just a hole in the wall.  So I made a wee Teesha Moore inspired art quilt to cover it up.