This was the veiw in our back yard tonight.  Sometimes it's nice to have to walk the dog...
While sitting at the computer this morning, we heard a yellow-shafted Flicker at the back door.  When I peaked through the curtains, I was rewarded with  seeing doves, finches, and 3 blue Steller's Jays!  I've never lived anywhere that I could see them before.  I hope they aren't just passing through.
We were awoken at around 6:30 this morning to a huge crashy/crunchy sound.  It was a tree in the back yard.  We had noticed awhile ago, that it had been nibbled on by beavers, and have been trying to decided what to do about it.  Well, the storm took care of those worries.  It fell this morning, in the best way it could have.  It didn't hit either our house or the neighbors.  We have been feeling very lucky with things around this new house.  But I do think this makes me feel the luckiest so far
At the new place, we are in the middle of the worst snow in a long time, according to the local folks.  Cosmo is haveing a fab time playing around in it
Click the pic to see the video of how he got to look like this over at YouTube
So...I dropped off the face of the internet for a bit.  We suddenly bought a house, and it has been a bit of a whirl wind.  But I am now wishing I had taken the time to do some kind of recording of what we have done so far.  So I'm choosing today to start.
Today I'm going to show the before and after of our kitchen facets
The high facet is a life saver as far as dishes.  It is rather splashy though.  The sprayer is very powerful, and the water control is easy to use.  When we replace the sink (it's cracked on the side lip), we want one large stainless sink with 4 holes *crossing fingers now*
I just got my challenge posted for craftsters and I'm super happy with how it worked out.  The challenge this month is to make something in duct tape, which I LOVE.  I finally decided on a belt with a removable tool kit.  The belt is double sided and the buckle can be changed around all I want.
Here's what I managed to stuff into this wee bag
1.  Spool of waxed thread
2.  Small bungee cord
3.  2 small bull clips
4.  Crank flash light in a small tin
5.  1 water activated cloth tablet (in foil in tin)
6.  Small locking box knife
7.  Folding pliers with philips and flat head screw drivers, 2 bottle openers/pry tools, file, knife, and saw
8.  Four band aids
9.  3 needles
10. 4 aspirin(in foil)
11.  Flat head screw driver disk
12.  Fine point scissors
13.  13 safety pins
15.  Sharpie
16.  Small note pad
I used my favo Adirondack snaps.  They are large and have a nice heavy grip to them

I like how it came out.  Both the belt and the bag are nice and light weight. 

Welcome to the 10th challenge of ProjectProjectRunway.  The challenge this week was to take inspiration from the 70's high fashion.  It was indeed a challenge as I feel the 70's was more about a lack of fashion.  But I did find an interesting sort of 70's fabric and I settled on a wrap dress.  There are shots of gold throughout the design that don't show up well in the photos.  The wee buckle in the back is silver with rinstones along the sides.  I used my original model Zoey since her hair actually aids the look I felt.
I've sort of lost track of what number challenge this is....Anyway.  This is the Project Project Runway challenge that we were asked to make stage outfits for male band members.  Well, the Dali School of Modeling did not fail me this time.  They managed to find me the only Scottish Techno didgeridoo player in the world.  I am pleased to introduce Joe "Tiger" McCool.  He was in the military for many years, but he was asked to leave 10 years ago for Bedazzling his dress uniform.  He had many opinions about what he wanted to wear on stage.  He wanted a lot of color and not much black.  He wanted a kilt.  He also asked for a tiger tail to commemorate his nick name "Tiger".  I informed him I felt I would be eliminated for the tail, but I would see what I could do.....
Mr. McCool is a very strong willed individual and he insisted on wearing his favorite silver moonboots.  He promised he would defend me against Nina...He also lifted me into the air in a huge bear hug and insisted, "This is the best thing EVER" and repeated "RRRAAARRRHHHH!" many many times.
Today I'm globbing about one of my favo places ever.  The Octopus Garden in Richland Washington.  If you are the type who likes unique, this store has unique everywhere.  It's kind of like Archie Mcphee, Bill Nye the Science Guy, the King of the Nerds, and an uber hippie all had a store shaped baby, it would look a lot like this.  It's owned and run by Gus Sako, and has been since he was 18.  He gets all kinds of awards for small business stuff, and it's clear why if you spend any time there at all.  His staff is helpful and fun to talk to, even when they are trying to distribute the constant stream of new stuff through the shop.  I have gone in there three days in a row, and the shop is different every time.  (I'm pretty convinced he has an army gnomes or elves that move everything around at night.)  And if you talk to the staff about something your interested in, just like magic, it (in my case poodles) just start popping up everywhere.  There is no point in just running in to pick up something quickly.  You will be hypnotized into spending hours staring at everything.  I could go on and on here, but why don't I let some pictures do the talking...
This weeks model from the Dali School of Modeling showed up yesterday.  I was not impressed.  She seemed a bit cold, and walked a bit floppily, so I was very nervous.  But it seems it helped in making my garment appear a bit more Avant Garde