So it turns out, I'm not so good at posting regularly...partly Because I keep waiting for really interesting things to happen I guess.  So, today, I am posting a slightly interesting thing...just to get me moving again...
So our house is in a valley, surrounded by mountains.  So we get all kinds of interesting cloud formations.  I captured this one a few weeks ago.
Kind of interesting...but it gets better when you flip it
Suddenly it becomes a giant toad, just under the water, looking up at me..or down at me, I'm not sure.  The photo is untouched, just flipped
This was the veiw in our back yard tonight.  Sometimes it's nice to have to walk the dog...
This is the first post in my GLOB, so I'm going to open with a simple picture that I took a few weeks ago..
I had noticed this skull on the drive way of a condo near our place.  I ran home to get my camera and by the time I got back it was gone.  It took me a about a week to find it again.  It is the sun reflecting of the windows.  Unfortunately there is a bush that is obscuring the left side of the face, but that kind of adds to the creepiness.  This photo has not been altered.  I just did a bit of color correction.
This photo was taken with a different camera setting.  I then used picnik (love picnik) and fiddled with the exposure and sharpened it a bit.