We were awoken at around 6:30 this morning to a huge crashy/crunchy sound.  It was a tree in the back yard.  We had noticed awhile ago, that it had been nibbled on by beavers, and have been trying to decided what to do about it.  Well, the storm took care of those worries.  It fell this morning, in the best way it could have.  It didn't hit either our house or the neighbors.  We have been feeling very lucky with things around this new house.  But I do think this makes me feel the luckiest so far
So...I dropped off the face of the internet for a bit.  We suddenly bought a house, and it has been a bit of a whirl wind.  But I am now wishing I had taken the time to do some kind of recording of what we have done so far.  So I'm choosing today to start.
Today I'm going to show the before and after of our kitchen facets
The high facet is a life saver as far as dishes.  It is rather splashy though.  The sprayer is very powerful, and the water control is easy to use.  When we replace the sink (it's cracked on the side lip), we want one large stainless sink with 4 holes *crossing fingers now*