I just got my challenge posted for craftsters and I'm super happy with how it worked out.  The challenge this month is to make something in duct tape, which I LOVE.  I finally decided on a belt with a removable tool kit.  The belt is double sided and the buckle can be changed around all I want.
Here's what I managed to stuff into this wee bag
1.  Spool of waxed thread
2.  Small bungee cord
3.  2 small bull clips
4.  Crank flash light in a small tin
5.  1 water activated cloth tablet (in foil in tin)
6.  Small locking box knife
7.  Folding pliers with philips and flat head screw drivers, 2 bottle openers/pry tools, file, knife, and saw
8.  Four band aids
9.  3 needles
10. 4 aspirin(in foil)
11.  Flat head screw driver disk
12.  Fine point scissors
13.  13 safety pins
15.  Sharpie
16.  Small note pad
I used my favo Adirondack snaps.  They are large and have a nice heavy grip to them

I like how it came out.  Both the belt and the bag are nice and light weight.