My friend JoseFINE (often referred to as BirdBones) commented on the mountains in my Toad in the Sky post.  So, when we finally had an undreary morning this morning, I took a pic of the mountains.  This morning we even had a cloud dragon...
I love to do the challenges over at  This one is called the Ugly to Awesome Challenge.  The stuff I decided to work with, were not so much ugly, as boring.  For me the ugly was the huge pile of tape that I had forced into a basket.
It's called Fork You Tape Monster.  It's made from a spoon holder turned on it's side and a bunch of forks.  It's working quite nicely.  All the forks are staying in, which is nice!  You can see how I made it here.  And Look here to see all the entries. 
So it turns out, I'm not so good at posting regularly...partly Because I keep waiting for really interesting things to happen I guess.  So, today, I am posting a slightly interesting thing...just to get me moving again...
So our house is in a valley, surrounded by mountains.  So we get all kinds of interesting cloud formations.  I captured this one a few weeks ago.
Kind of interesting...but it gets better when you flip it
Suddenly it becomes a giant toad, just under the water, looking up at me..or down at me, I'm not sure.  The photo is untouched, just flipped