I just got my challenge posted for craftsters and I'm super happy with how it worked out.  The challenge this month is to make something in duct tape, which I LOVE.  I finally decided on a belt with a removable tool kit.  The belt is double sided and the buckle can be changed around all I want.
Here's what I managed to stuff into this wee bag
1.  Spool of waxed thread
2.  Small bungee cord
3.  2 small bull clips
4.  Crank flash light in a small tin
5.  1 water activated cloth tablet (in foil in tin)
6.  Small locking box knife
7.  Folding pliers with philips and flat head screw drivers, 2 bottle openers/pry tools, file, knife, and saw
8.  Four band aids
9.  3 needles
10. 4 aspirin(in foil)
11.  Flat head screw driver disk
12.  Fine point scissors
13.  13 safety pins
15.  Sharpie
16.  Small note pad
I used my favo Adirondack snaps.  They are large and have a nice heavy grip to them

I like how it came out.  Both the belt and the bag are nice and light weight. 

Welcome to the 10th challenge of ProjectProjectRunway.  The challenge this week was to take inspiration from the 70's high fashion.  It was indeed a challenge as I feel the 70's was more about a lack of fashion.  But I did find an interesting sort of 70's fabric and I settled on a wrap dress.  There are shots of gold throughout the design that don't show up well in the photos.  The wee buckle in the back is silver with rinstones along the sides.  I used my original model Zoey since her hair actually aids the look I felt.