First, I would like to thank the Dali School of Modeling for convincing Iris to come back and model my inspiration piece again.  She has recently started to teach a modeling class and has been very busy.  When I mentioned we needed a second model, she said she had the perfect model.  So my companion piece is being modeled by her pupil.

Our Project Project Runway assignment for this week was to make a companion piece for an existing outfit we had designed.  I chose one of my dresses from my first PPR collection.  My companion piece did not come out like I was thinking it would, but since the assignment was to make the dress in one day, I simply ran out of time to make a new one or change this one.  I could be going home this week........
Project Runway's 10th season just started July 19th.  And I just joined the Flickr group Project Project Runway.  We follow the challenges,  as best we can, using dolls for models.  I will be using the Dali School of Modeling for my muses.  Our first assignment is to make a companion outfit for an outfit we have made before.  I will be using my first dress from the time I played before.  And Iris has agreed to model the original for me again.  Look for the new outfits each Thursday